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     Bishop Graham Dow

I am a teacher of Christian Faith. This website has been put together in order to make available my teaching over many years to those who might find it helpful.


Many of my addresses and sermons can be listened to with a click, or downloaded to be kept on other machines. Some items have an accompanying booklet to make easier the task of taking notes to remember the teaching. Some have accompanying leaflets to offer a useful guide to the address or sermon. For some there is no audio file, only a full text. I will continue to expand the website to include addresses on more subjects and more sermons.

I am always happy to be expounding The Bible. I believe it to be God's revelation to us and I wish to sit under its authority. It has been a particular joy in Holy Week and Good Friday, on many occasions, to work through the passion narratives of each of the four gospels and the wonderful truths they bear. Important Bible texts and themes from Advent are included; it has always been my favourite season of the Christian Year.

For most of my ordained ministry I have been teaching Christian prayer for healing, both as a parish vicar and as a bishop. In retirement this has been intensified, working with a team drawn from several different churches in South Manchester and East Cheshire. The website includes significant teaching about physical healing, inner healing (personal hurts and attitudes), and deliverance ministry. 

Teaching is a vital part of a bishop's office. During my years in Carlisle diocese, we held teaching days. The addresses are included here on The Holy Spirit; God and His Master Plan; and Praying for Revival. 

Ever since I trained Readers (Anglican lay preachers) in Tonbridge over fifty years ago, I have believed that releasing the full ministry of believers, ordained or not ordained, is fundamental to the health and growth of the churches. There are addresses on the website which illustrate my convictions. 

For a full CV and more biographical detail go to Resources. There are pages about my strong connection with the Anglican church in Angola and its remarkable story; there are pages about the books I have written, commendations of the books of others, and a section with blessings and prayers. I long to hear churches pray on Sundays expressing the authority of those who are 'moving mountains' and pressing the world towards the kingdom of God.


For a page about my wife, Molly's contributions, go to More: MOLLY. 

I am most grateful to Thomas Lewis, who has designed this website, and helped me in many ways. I shall be pleased to receive suggestions about how it may be improved.

Contact Me: or submit the form under Resources, CDs

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