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                       1 The Spiritual Battle Against Evil in Society  Revelation chapters 12-22 

Five consecutive Bible addresses on Revelation chapters 12-22. North Foreland Lodge teaching week 1980. This set of addresses is available in a set of 5 CDs, see Resources, CDs


In visions to the apostle John, and in the context of the Roman Empire persecuting the Christian Church, these addresses seek to show how Satan puts his power on earthly institutions. That power is legitimised by an ideology hostile to the rule of Christ. 

Click here to download or listen to each of the 5 addresses separately and to download and print the one booklet which accompanies all 5 addresses 

1-1  Satan Aims to Rule      Revelation 11.19-13.1                                              59 mins.  

Satan aims to rule, to destroy the Christ child and the people of God. His tactics are to accuse, to persecute and to deceive. A triumphant Church conquers him

1-2  Satan's Strategy Through Institutions of Power      Revelation 13.1-14.13    58 mins.

Satan creates powerful 'beasts'; he puts his crowns (his rule) on to powerful institutions like the Roman Empire and legitimates that power with ideology such as 'worship the emperor'. His demonic beasts continue throughout history. By contrast God raises up an eternal society bearing an eternal message.

1-3  Holy Wrath and Total Punishment      Revelation 14.14-16.21                         54 mins. 

From the holy and righteous wrath of God against evil, judgment is prepared and executed. The judgment is total. The Church responds in praise.

1-4  Hideous Corruption and the End        Revelation 17.1-20.10                         53mins.

Dreadful corruption is described as a harlot (Rome) astride the beast. Judgment continues; corrupt society destroys itself. Those implicated in its corruption weep; the Christians rejoice. The ultimate victory is seen in the glory of King Jesus and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The Christians have a symbolic millennium of rule on the earth.

1-5  New Heaven and Earth - the City of God     Revelation 20.11-22.21              55 minutes

The ultimate society is a new heaven and earth, the City of God perfect in beauty, with the glory of God and of the Lamb at its centre. All that is unclean is excluded; the water of life is for all who are thirsty. The gardens heal the nations. We are in perfect unity with God. Jesus is coming soon. Amen, come Lord Jesus.

                                                 2  The Programme of the Kingdom  Luke chapters 4-6  

Five consecutive Bible addresses on St. Luke chapters 4-6. North Foreland Lodge teaching week 1987.  This set of addresses is available in a set of 4 CDs, see Resources, CDs

These chapters describe Jesus' manifesto for radical change. They describe the Kingdom he is inaugurating. Luke emphasises that the power of the Holy Spirit is driving all that Jesus does and teaches. This is a New Israel and a New Society. 

Click here to download or listen to each of the 5 addresses separately, and to download and print the one booklet which accompanies all 5 addresses 

2-1  The Jesus Ministry     Luke 4.14-30                                                 61 mins.

We are learning to follow the ministry of Jesus. Through the anointing of the Spirit, Jesus announces his manifesto: good news for the poor; total liberation, full freedom. Conflict overshadows his ministry from the beginning.

2-2 Features of His Ministry     Luke 4.31-44                                        29 minutes

Jesus' teaching authority was immediately recognised. It was effective in expelling demons. There is a spiritual battle for the Kingdom of God. Dealing with evil spirits is routine in the gospels. Only Holy Spirit power fights and wins the battle.

2-3  The Astonishing Power of Jesus to Set us Free   Luke 4.31-5.28    74 mins.

The power of Jesus creates astonishment. It brings healing and deliverance for everyone who comes to him. It puts people right with God. Both declaring sins forgiven and bringing healing are equally signs of God's authority and power. His authority and power call us out to follow him.

2-4  God's Goodness is Attacked       Luke 5.29-6.11                             35 mins

Jesus defends his ministry as of a doctor for those who are sick. His new order challenges existing traditions and interpretations of the law. Saving life is his priority.

2-5  The Foundation of the Kingdom  Luke 6.12-46                              68 mins.

The Kingdom Jesus brings makes his followers a new Israel, with new laws and a complete reversal of the world's ideas of where blessing is found. God expects right attitudes; we must be consistent in our choices. Only if we choose heaven's values towards others can we expect to receive from God in the same way. 

                                                         3  Parables of the Kingdom of God 

                              Four addresses at the 2010 New Wine Conference in Finland 

Jesus' parables expounded to show the wonder of the Kingdom of God. The crisp translation into Finnish is not distracting. These messages are powerful.

3-1  The Unforgiving Servant   Matthew 18.23-35                                 63 mins

The generosity of God's complete forgiveness. The challenge to forgive those who have hurt us without limit; a choice we must make.

Click here to download or listen to the address, and to read or download and print the full text

3-2  The Workers in the Vineyard  Matthew 20 1-16                     54 mins.

The amazing generosity of God to those who can't help themselves. Do we like this kingdom?

Click here to download or read the address, and to read or download and print the full text

3-3  Three Parables of God's Judgment  Matthew 25.1-46           64 mins.

1 The ten virgin girls, the wise and the foolish. If we are not ready for Jesus' coming we are in danger of being shut out.

2 The Master who gave his servants sums of money to put to work while he was away. God is saying,'I may have been away a long time, but what are you doing with what I have given you?' We are to work hard for his kingdom. The worst thing is to do nothing.

3 The final judgment between sheep and goats. Jesus in compassion identifies with those who cannot help themselves; so if we join him, we are in solidarity with the weak. We must share. Before God we are all helpless; we can only belong to him by throwing ourselves on his mercy.

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3-4 Three Stories About Heaven's Joy-Lost Sheep; Lost Coin; Prodigal Son  Luke 15  44 mins.

Jesus is being criticised for having meals with ordinary people, the sinners. In heaven there is a celebration party when one person who is lost to God is found. The crazy shepherd! To rescue one lost person means everything to God. To join Jesus you have to recognise that you are lost. Third story: a shocking story! What a picture of God! The father in the story breaks every social convention with his unbelievable generosity; he says nothing about what the son has done wrong. He just wants his lost son back. He is gentle with the older son. In what way do we identify with either son?

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4 Genesis 1-11 The Stage is Set for God's Great History of Grace

               seven consecutive Bible studies at North Foreland Lodge July 1981

Placed at the start of scripture by ancient Jewish teachers, these vital chapters reveal the roots of human sin and its evil consequences. They give us a basis of understanding from God about his intentions for the world he created and human beings in particular.


These talks were recorded 40 years ago when not all the language was gender inclusive. Talks 1 and 2 did not record well and have been re-recorded in a shorter form in Holy Trinity Church, Coventry. Talks 3 to 7 are the original talks. 

Click here to download the 2 booklets which accompany all 7 addresses.

4-1  God at the Centre of it All - Creation Order  31 mins. Genesis 1

These 11 chapters are the theatre for the history of God's grace, beginning with Abraham (chapter 12). Genesis 1 was written during the Israelites' exile in Babylon. It answers their identity crisis.-who are we, stuck in Babylon? The world is God's and not at the mercy of man. He is unrivalled; the commander of order. He displays breathtaking artistic creativity, and supremely in creating man. Every human being is a treasure. In an Age of Fear, we proclaim that God is holding everything with his word of command. 

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4-2 God Created Man in HIs Own Image 23 mins. Genesis 1.26-2.3

No scientific evidence contradicts the view that God created the world. Created in God's image, man is completely dependent on God, who is at least personal and claims our full obedience. There is fundamental equality of all mankind. We express God's image collectively; no individual's right to worship, or nation's right should be denied. We are God's under-managers, sharing his authority and creativity. He is presented as the perfect workman; so work is basic to being human. Opportunity to work must not be denied, and the product of work must be for the good of all. The seventh day represents God's eternal purpose.

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4-5 Humanity in the Depths of Sin    49 mins. Genesis chapter 4

Cain's attitude was the problem. Religion was just convenience for him; he wanted success.He had no honour for God or for his weaker brother, Abel. When God rejected Cain's offering, he became angry and insolent, and would not humbly listen to God's instruction. He would not confess his wrong; he becomes afraid and utterly alone. But God still protects him, keeping open possibilities of grace. We are like Cain in our rebellion. All sin has a voice which reaches heaven. The breakdown of justice opens the door for hope.

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4-3 Humanity as God Set Them Up  52 mins. Genesis 2. 4-25

In this earlier account, God is directing everything, but man is central, placed in God's world and depending utterly upon him. Man is both material and spiritual: he is given Life, Leisure, Labour (work), Liberty (freedom) and Law, Lordship (rule) and Love. Freedom needs moral boundaries; God reserves the sole right to declare what is good and what is evil. Marriage is the essence of community; in its complementarity it has three corners: leaving, cleaving and 'one flesh'.

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4-4 Humanity in Rebellion 34 mins. Genesis chapter 3. 

Desire is the seat of temptation and leads to sin. Sin is rebellion against God's laws and his direction of our lives; it is supported by unbelief and doubt. Death, the loss of God's spiritual life, is the outcome of sin and affects everything. Man is cut off from his fellow man and from God, and his dominion over nature is ruined. We find it hard to face our guilt so we look for a scapegoat to blame. Jesus is the true scapegoat. The implications of The Fall begin the 5th address. 

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4-6 God's Grace Brings Rescue Through Judgment  51 mins.  Genesis chapters 5 to 10

The exiles are assured that no nation is forgotten; the list of generations indicates God's ongoing work in history and change. Death has come to stay. Some like Enoch and Noah can walk with God. There is a culmination of corruption, but God's heart changes. He shows his rescue for all humanity through judgment: The Flood is the Type for God's grace and for all his saving work. God accepts a fallen world and man makes a new start with worship and responsibility for protection of his fellow men.

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4-7 What Sort of Life are we Going to Build 29 mins. Genesis chapter 11

The final part of the introduction to the theatre of God's grace is focussed on 'How Will My Name be Established?' and 'How Will my Security be Established?' The building of the Tower of Babel indicates how out of both arrogance and fear, mankind huddled together to create the protection which they should have entrusted to God. God sends language confusion to reduce us, and save us from reaching for godhead in our self-sufficiency.

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