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Healing Through Creativity  Fiona Horrobin, Sovereign World  2020, 340 pages


This is a wonderful book for those whose heart is to see people healed. Fiona and her team at Ellel Grange have spent over 20 years listening carefully to people’s pain. They have prayed for each person; they have watched the Holy Spirit use messy painting, outdoor walks, and all kinds of creative play to bring far reaching healing and restoration.


Affirming strongly that every human being is created in God’s image and therefore good, creative play releases aspects of the person that have been suppressed and shut away as unacceptable. As we play, Jesus comes to affirm our suffering, enter into it, assure us of complete forgiveness and recreate us in his love. Creativity releases our buried free-will, and allows full expression of our emotions; through creativity God finds the real person in us that has been lost. 


For those who have retreated into isolation the discovery of a supportive family in the team allows new bonding in relationships which are vital to our healthy personhood. The book is soaked in moving personal testimony; it has later chapters summarising a great variety of practical ways through which these ground-breaking insights bring healing to the wide scope of human pain. It is a magnificent and comprehensive guide.   September 2020                                                                                             

The Jesus you Really Didn’t Know-Rediscovering the Teaching Ministry of Jesus

Andy Angel,  Cascade Books 2019


How we have needed this book! On almost every page a powerful word leaps out putting succinctly the truth we have avoided for so long. This is a prophetic challenge to a church culture which so often ignores Jesus’ words on judgment and finds them unacceptable. Andy takes us carefully through the teaching. Then he demonstrates how Jesus, as one always alongside us, with both gentleness and humility, teaches us to be fully obedient disciples, those who will joyfully stand on the day of judgment.  Who would not want this!

Strands of Destiny – How God used a crashed car to envision and build a ministry that touches the nations   Peter Horrobin, Sovereign World 2017  (About Ellel Ministries),   383 pages                 

I have read many stirring accounts of people of faith proclaiming the gospel across the world. For me, this account of God’s amazing work through Ellel Grange stands alongside the most thrilling I have read. It is contemporary. It is full of faith, lessons learnt, fierce demonic opposition, brokenness, discipleship, team building, healings, deliverance and miraculous financial provision.


Beginning in 1987, God has not only restored thousands of broken lives; he has established healing and training centres in this ministry in a rapidly increasing number of countries across the world. What God has done in 30 years is utterly astonishing. I have just loved reading this book. Praise God that in our time the wonder of Christ’s full salvation is being restored through his Church.


What are they teaching the children? ed. Lynda Rose ,Wilberforce Publications and Voice for Justice UK, 2016  347 pages


Those who are seriously concerned about the erosion of long-held Christian beliefs about sexual relationships will value this is well documented and vital resource. It shows how the universal gift of parental responsibility for the education of their children is being undermined in Britain, and how multi-facetted  ‘discrimination’ described in the wisely worded 2010 Equality Act is being used narrowly in schools to foster anti-Christian propaganda, and to promote gay life-styles. Simply to express disagreement with State supported ‘correctness’ is in danger of being designated a ‘hate crime’ or ‘homophobic bullying’. In the name of equality, no challenges to life style choices may be expressed, if they are said to ‘cause offence’. Many will not like what is written here; but debate should not be silenced and replies need to be equally documented and thoughtful.

Awakening- from hollow religion to heavenly relationship Richard Pennystan 2015


‘The alternative to religion is Jesus’. This is a compelling account of a personal journey in which a distant God and ‘hollow religion’ are discarded, and worship embraced that is centred in relationship with God. Whatever our style of worship, Richard Pennystan explores what it means for churches to wake up from the deadness of religion and enjoy the heart worship of him who loves us as his children and is always there for us.

Playing with Dragons-Living with Suffering and God Andy Angel, Cascade Books 2014,

                                                                                                                                       120 pages

Dr. Angel has that rare gift of writing with great scholarship about the texts but in a compelling way, and so that we meet him as a fellow pilgrim. Biblical texts we often gloss over spring to life as we see how ‘monster stories’ are used to face the age-long question about appalling suffering – ‘Is God really in control?’ The texts call us to complete honesty in prayerful lament, to trust and not to give evil the last word.

Angels –Ancient Whispers of Another World  Andy Angel, Cascade Books 2012, 195 pages


Dr. Angel has brought us a remarkably sure-footed and well-argued book on a subject about which there is growing interest but little knowledge. Using the writings of Second Temple Judaism he introduces us to angels and what they are said to do. He tackles popular misconceptions and gives space to those with whom he disagrees. His work sheds light on many difficult New Testament texts. This will become a leader in its field.       February 2012                                                                                                                                      


Surprised by Grief    Janine Fair   IVP  2010, 143 pages


In this very moving account of a young mother’s grief (at the sudden death of her husband) Janine courageously allows us a large window into her desolation, despair, self-pity and anger. Clinging to God and his promises she discovers that He has inner surgery to do on her identity and attitudes. After going through three years of intense pain, Janine emerges with God having drawn her more deeply to Himself and revealed to her a true identity along with the gifts He wants to use. There is much to learn from this story about good pastoral guidance. When I had reached the last page I could only exclaim, ‘glory to God!’

A Praying Life         Paul E Miller, Navpress 2009, 287 pages


I have read many helpful books on how to pray, but this one is a winner. It holds your attention and lays bare some of the commonest weaknesses in our attitudes to prayer. Many of the author’s illustrations are about prayer for his six children, one of them autistic, honestly sharing his many mistakes. He reflects wisely on when prayers seem not to be answered; he encourages us to be real and forthright with God when things are not working out as we expected. I am giving each of our four kids and their spouses a copy.

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