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Blessings in the Bible are powerful and often prophetic. As we say the blessing God has commanded us to declare, so, in the heavenly realm, we draw on the resources of the Holy Spirit to bless those on earth. This is a real transmission of spiritual blessing. Both Jesus and Paul tell us to bless our enemies; so we can certainly bless those around us in our community, city, town or village. We are not blessing drug taking or any evil acts in the homes or institutions of our locality; we are summoning God's light to drive away darkness. By including this blessing Sunday by Sunday the church is reminded that we worship and pray not first for ourselves but for those outside the church. 

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The Priestly Blessing - Numbers 6

The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, Thus shall you bless the Israelites. You shall say to them,

  The Lord bless you and keep you;

  The Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you;

  The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.


So they shall put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them. Numbers 6.24-27


All Christian believers in a locality are now God's priesthood. So let us pray this blessing on all peoples in out neighbourhood


The Ffald-y-brenin blessing 

  I bless you in the name of Jesus to know God, his purpose for your life, and his blessings on you       and your family and the situations of your life.

                                                                        Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts, The Grace Outpouring David C Cook 2008 p.18

A Blessing at the End of the Church Service Based on Numbers 6

After the congregation has been blessed, the congregation turns outward, the doors are opened, and the blessing is repeated phrase by phrase after the leader. It can be varied as appropriate

  The Lord bless and keep our town/community (named)

                 bless the children

                 bless the families

                 bless the schools

                 bless the shops

                 bless the businesses

                 bless the care homes

                 bless the land

  The Lord be gracious to the lonely

                    - gracious to the elderly

                    - gracious to those who struggle

                    - gracious to the strong

The Lord show his face all over our town/community

               and give its people peace

               now and for ever. Amen

Alternative Blessing at the End of the Service

repeated phrase by phrase after the leader. Can be varied as appropriate.

Once the rhythm has been established the congregation can be encouraged to call out their 

wishes for God to bless

  God's blessing on our village/town/community (named)

                         - on our families

                         - on our children

                         - on the schools

                         - on those who live alone (pause)

  God's blessing on the shops

                         - on the businesses

                         - on the farms (pause)

  God's blessing on the poor 

                    and on the more well off

                         - on those who struggle

                    and on the strong  (pause)

  The blessing of the Father who loves us

  The blessing of the Son who died for us

  The blessing of the Spirit who comforts and leads us

  The blessing of God be on our community

  This day and always. Amen

This blessing can be varied to include the police, the social services. etc. 

Blessing the City -Holy Trinity Church Coventry 1992

printed in the liturgy and said after giving the blessing to the congregation and the congregation turning to face the city with the doors opened.

  Leader: God has blessed us with the light of Jesus Christ. We share that blessing with our                 city and its people, driving the powers of darkness far from us. 

               People of our city, we bless you in the name of Christ

  All:       God rule over you in justice and peace



These litanies work well if the congregation stand. At appropriate points they can face the place for which they are praying; and they can be invited to add their own petitions while keeping to the rhythm of the litany. In our praying we need to be heard as those who believe that their prayers are changing the world. Intercession is spiritual warfare; we need to pray as those who are engaged in warfare for the kingdom of God. The short, sharp style of the petitions and response assist the conviction that this is real business.

Litany - 'Come, Lord Jesus'

The short petitions and response, 'Come Lord Jesus', estabishes a rhythm in which there is alert participation. Pauses allow time for reflection on the petitions we have made. Once the rhythm is established, extra petitions can be invited from the congregation, keeping the rhythm. A selection of areas of prayer can be made. The structure can easily be adjusted and adapted.  

Our Lord Jesus is the Prince of Peace. We pray for his peace, saying, 'Come, Lord Jesus'

                                 choose some of these sections

I   (Personal) Leader                                                      Response

            Into my heart                                                               Come, Lord Jesus

            To meet my needs                                                      Come. etc.

            To forgive my sins                                                       Come,

            To heal my wounds                                                     Come,

            Into my home                                                              Come,

            Into my family                                                              Come,

            Into my work place                                                      Come,

            (pause, silence)


II   (Street)

            Into my street (or town)                                               Come, Lord Jesus

            To the homes of my neighbours                                 Come, etc

            With the power of your kingdom                               Come,

            Where there is illness                                                   Come,

            Where there is pain                                                      Come,

            Where some are afraid                                                Come,

            Where some are lonely                                                Come,

            Where some have no work                                          Come,

            Where some are on drugs                                           Come,

            Where families are broken                                           Come,

            To show them your goodness                                     Come,

            To shine in their hearts                                                 Come,

            To make your love known                                            Come,

            (pause, silence)


III   (Town, locality)

            To all in our town                                                           Come, Lord Jesus

            To the local councillors                                                 Come, etc.

            To planners and decision makers                                Come,

            To give opportunities for all                                         Come,

            To strengthen our schools                                            Come,

            To those unemployed                                                   Come,


            (suitable petitions can be added)


IV (Schools)

            Into our schools,                                                            Come, Lord Jesus

            To strengthen the teachers                                           Come,

            To bless the pupils                                                         Come,

            To give a good atmosphere                                         Come,

            To keep children secure                                                Come,

            To stir up faith                                                                Come,

            To prevent bullying                                                       Come,

            For every child to be happy                                         Come

            (pause, silence)


V (Nation)

            Into our nation                                                               Come, Lord Jesus

            Into our confusion                                                         Come,

            Into our godlessness                                                     Come,

            Into our moral decline                                                  Come,

            To stir up Christian faith                                               Come,

            To make the church strong and lively                         Come,                                    

            To draw people to worship                                          Come,

            To convince people of sin                                            Come,



            To give us good government                                      Come, Lord Jesus

            To guide our leaders                                                    Come,

            To help the homeless                                                   Come,

            To those in our prisons                                                 Come,                                    

            To those in despair                                                       Come,                                    

            To deal with our racism                                                Come,


             (suitable petitions can be added)


VI (World)


             Into your world                                                           Come, Lord Jesus

             To establish your kingdom                                        Come,

             To make good government                                       Come,

             To give leaders integrity                                            Come,

             Where there is war                                                     Come,

             Where there is famine                                                Come,

             Where people are driven from homes                      Come,                                    

             To all refugees                                                             Come,

             Where there is centuries of bitterness                      Come,

             To bring healing and peace                                       Come,

             (pause, silence)


             (suitable petitions can be added)


VII (Church)                        

             To pour out your Spirit                                                 Come, Lord Jesus

             To make us one people                                               Come,

             To give hearts for worship                                           Come,

             And hunger for your Word                                          Come,

             That we may bless our community                             Come,

             That many may be healed                                           Come,

             To anoint and guide our leaders                                 Come,



VIII (Personal)

             Into my (our) darkness                                                 Come, Lord Jesus

             To purify me (us)                                                           Come,

             To forgive my sins                                                        Come,

             To make me repent                                                      Come,

             To help me to forgive other people                           Come,            

             To take away my (our) bitterness                                Come             

             To make room for you                                                 Come,

             To bring your kingdom in me                                     Come,



              Into my life                                                                   Come, Lord Jesus

              into my time                                                                 Come,

              Into my priorities                                                         Come,

              To make me like you                                                   Come,

              So that I do your work                                                 Come,

              I speak good news                                                      Come,

              I care about your kingdom                                         Come,                        

              I spread “the fear of the Lord”                                  Come.

              I bring healing and peace                                          Come,

Litany- ‘Your Kingdom Come’


The short petitions and response establish a rhythm in which there is alert participation. Pauses allow time for reflection. Extra petitions can be invited from the congregation, keeping the rhythm. A selection of areas of prayer can be made. The structure can easily be adjusted and adapted.


I   the Kingdom

Lord, your Kingdom is justice and joy and peace and you have taught us to pray for it..


In bringing about your will here on earth                                   Your kingdom come

In pouring out the blessings of your love/Spirit                         your..

In holding back the power of evil                                                your..

In working repentance                                                                  your..

In creating communities of love                                                   your..

In releasing generosity and forgiveness                                      your..

In causing the nations to hear the gospel                                   your..

In turning people everywhere to you                                           your..

      (short pause to reflect on what we have prayed for)



II  nations


In Syria, where there is such destruction                                      your..

In Ukraine….                                                                                   your..



III  locality: people asked to turn and face the street where they live


In the street where I live                                                                 your..

In the hearts of my neighbours                                                     your..

Where there is sickness                                                                  your..

Where there is family breakdown                                                  your..

To remove all racism                                                                       your..

To build belonging and community                                              your..

To awaken faith in you                                                                    your..

To show your love through me                                                      your..

(short pause to reflect on what we have prayed for)



In the town where I live                                                                  your...

In its shops                                                                                      your..



IV  schools: people asked to turn and face a school in the locality


In our local schools                                                                        your..

In ……school                                                                                  your..

Giving skill to the teachers                                                            your..

and learning to the pupils/students                                             your..  

In stopping all bullying                                                                  your..

In awakening Christian Faith                                                         your..

For the fear of the Lord                                                                  your..

(pause, silence)


V   community

In this community                                                                           your..

Where people struggle                                                                 your..

Where people cannot help themselves                                       your..

Where there are drugs                                                                   your..

Where there is family breakdown                                                 your..

Where there is financial hardship                                                  your..


In caring for the children                                                                your..

In bringing better health                                                                your..

For the lonely                                                                                  your..

For the elderly                                                                                 your..

VI  for Lent or Holy Week


We are sinners and you are the Holy One.

Thank you for bearing the death we deserved.


In our hearts                                                                                   your..

In our lives                                                                                      your..

In dealing with our sin                                                                   your..

In making us clean                                                                         your..

In making us holy                                                                           your..

In calling us to follow you                                                              your..

In giving us new beginnings                                                          your..

In always making us welcome                                                       your..

In full commitment to you                                                             your..

As we meet you in the communion/eucharist                              your..

As we journey through Lent/Holy week                                       your..


Easily adapted to suit the occasion.



Litany – Teach us to Pray


Lord Jesus, as your disciples asked you,                         Teach us to pray


In the joy of calling you ‘Father’,                                      Teach…

In the power of the name, Jesus,                                     Teach…

In prayers given by the Spirit,                                           Teach…


As we pray for your kingdom on earth,                            Teach…

As we listen for your will,                                                   Teach…

In being your royal priesthood,                                        Teach…

As we lift the cries of many to you                                    Teach…


In company with saints and angels                                   Teach…

As we come boldly before your throne                            Teach


In the stillness of listening                                                 Teach…

With our imagination                                                         Teach…

With words of urgency                                                       Teach…


As we face our temptations                                               Teach …

As we struggle to do your will                                           Teach…


In asking, seeking and knocking,                                      Teach…

In expecting to see mountains moved                             Teach…

As we ask for the Holy Spirit                                              Teach…

In blessing our local community                                       Teach…


1  Prayer of Release From Curses (Derek Prince)

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2  Prayer of Release From Curses (Ruth Hawkey)

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3 Prayer for Plenary or Group Deliverance  (Graham Dow)

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