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Healing Service Sermons

1 Faith That Brings Healing     Holy Trinity Gee Cross  31 mins.  29.01.17.  Luke 7.1-10

A Roman army officer had faith that Jesus would heal his slave. His faith teaches us. He found out about Jesus; he had the courage to ask Jesus to heal his slave. He recognised Jesus' authority; and he was humble with Jesus. We deserve nothing; so we throw ourselves on his mercy. We are not worthy; but we are worth everything to Jesus.

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2 Jesus is So Willing to Heal  Tonbridge  32 mins. 17.04.11  Matthew 8 1-13

Two stories about how willing Jesus is to heal. A man with leprosy approached Jesus. Jesus knew that he had come to earth to banish Satan's kingdom; he declared his willingness and healed the man. The second story is about a Roman army officer who sent a message to Jesus about his paralysed servant. He appealed humbly to Jesus and with confidence. He teaches us how to seek healing. 

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3  Jesus the Healer   Greyfriars Reading  39 mins.  06.02.12.   Matthew 9.35-10.1

Jesus the healer: his gospel; his compassion; his commission to us

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4  Jesus is So Willing to Heal   Greyfriars Reading  44 mins  06.02.12  Matthew 8.1-17

For a summary of the sermon see above 2

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5  Jesus' Compassion for a Woman in a Catastrophe Ulverston 28 mins. date  Luke 7.11-17;

IKings 17.8-16  A Learning Healing Ministry weekend with a focus on facing evil.

People everywhere are having experiences of evil. Jesus and his crowd meet a funeral party; the widow's son has died- a catastrophe. What does Jesus do for her? The Spirit moves his heart ; then leads his action; then moves with power. Would you like to be like Jesus? Then notice when your heart is stirred. The people glorified and praised God; this makes for a healthy society. Jesus raises the dead only three times. The key is the climate of faith: To grow your faith: encourage it, pray for healing, tell the stories of what Jesus is doing, and take risks.

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Sermons including deliverance teaching

1  A Priestly People, Pouring Out Blessings, Dealing With Curses  St.Thomas Kendal   50 mins.

 Numbers 6.22-27; Mark 1.21-27

Christian people are to live in the spiritual realm. As we make right choices about how we think and pray, we are joined into God's heavenly stream of blessing. As God's priestly people we are to bring heaven's blessing to earth. Blessings are powerful; blessing overcomes evil with good. Rebellion against God brings consequences of darkness (curses). It is vital to live in God's truth and to renounce all negative thinking. With wrong attitudes we can pick up evil spirits.

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