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Graham Dow grew up in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, and attended St Albans School where he was in the same class as Stephen Hawking.  He read chemistry and then theology at Oxford where later, as chaplain to St John’s College, he prepared a promising Tony Blair for Confirmation.  He also taught at St John’s Theological College, Nottingham, and was vicar of Holy Trinity, Coventry.


Bishop Graham has an extensive teaching ministry in Britain and abroad speaking on prayer, use of the Bible, the church as family, Christian social responsibility and healing.  He is particularly well known for his teaching in healing ministry which he has been doing for twenty years.  He has taught Christians simple skills in healing prayer in India and Pakistan, in Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as in Carlisle and London dioceses and in Coventry where he was a Vicar for 11 years.


Bishop Graham arrived in Cumbria only three months before the Foot and Mouth outbreak which affected the County very seriously. Whilst there was a good recovery, the economy of Cumbria has been the only part of England in economic decline. Farming in the county has of course been further affected by more recent outbreaks elsewhere of foot and mouth, the arrival of Blue Tongue in the UK, and avian ‘flu. In his leisure time Bishop Graham enjoys reading political biographies, chasing steam trains around Cumbria, and travelling in general. He is married to Molly and they have four adult children.



Graham Dow has enjoyed his first year of retirement after being the Bishop of Carlisle for eight years; he is now an assistant bishop in Chester and Manchester dioceses. He is a consultant to clergy and travels regularly expounding the Bible and speaking on the Holy Spirit and on healing and deliverance


Bishop Graham has practiced healing ministry for many years. During his time as vicar of Holy Trinity Coventry, the church developed a large healing team. Bishop Graham’s healing ministry started in the area of personal hurts and attitudes (inner healing). His ministry has grown to include physical healing and deliverance ministry. He has practiced healing in both formal (eg sacramental) and less formal contexts.


Graham was Bishop of Carlisle from 2000 to 2009 and before that Bishop of Willesden. He and Molly have retired to Romiley in South Manchester. Apart from building a garden railway, Graham continues to be active in mentoring clergy and in preaching and teaching, particularly on topics such as The Holy Spirit and Healing. Molly gives spiritual direction and is a speaker on prayer and spiritual growth. Watercolour painting is her main hobby.



Bishop Graham Dow was the vicar of Holy Trinity, Coventry for 11 years before becoming area Bishop of Willesden for 8 years and finally Diocesan Bishop of Carlisle for a further 8 years. He was also chaplain at St. John’s College, Oxford, and lecturer in Christian Doctrine at St. John’s College Nottingham. He retired in April 2009.


Bishop Graham’s interests include Christian faith and daily work, Christian healing ministry, Holy Spirit renewal and the development of lay ministry. He has written a number of publications on these areas. He is married to Molly; they have four children and seven grandchildren. His hobbies include railways, model railways, travel, music and political biographies.



Graham Dow’s rural experience comes from leadership in mission in a diocese full of rural parishes. Before Carlisle he was Bishop of Willesden and vicar of Holy Trinity, Coventry.

He is passionate about the growth of lay ministry, the ministry of healing and making connections between Christian Faith and daily work.



Graham’s favourite season is Advent: he loves to speak on the two much neglected chapters in St. Matthew, 24 and 25, where Jesus gives his disciples both warnings and encouragements in the light of his return in glory.


For a course on healing Prayer

When serving as Vicar of Holy Trinity, Coventry, in the 1980s, Bishop Graham introduced ‘Learning Healing Ministry’ weekends.  The weekends introduced hundreds of Christian people to practical healing ministry.  He continued to run the weekends in London and Carlisle. These weekends have continued in South Manchester, East Cheshire, and further afield in Bradford and Haydock (Liverpool diocese). 

Just as Jesus entrusted his followers with sharing the gospel and healing the sick, so it is good today for all Christians to find confidence to offer prayer for healing. Expect careful prayer ministry in a small group and a chance to learn simple skills offering physical and inner healing to others. Bishop Graham has been leading these courses for over 30 years.

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