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Molly Dow is a former teacher of mathematics and lecturer in Christian Faith. She was educated at the North London Collegiate School, Edgware and St. Hilda’s College Oxford. She holds a Diploma of Theology from Oxford University 1966, as well as an MA in Chemistry. She served on the General Synod of the Church of England for Coventry diocese 1984-1992, and for London diocese 1993-2000.

She was one of the youngest and among the first women Readers in the Church of England, being licensed in Rochester diocese in June 1970. She is in the middle of three generations of Readers: her father, Roland Sturges, in St. Albans diocese, and her daughter, Lindsay Tanner in Sheffield diocese and Newcastle diocese.

Molly’s current interest is in personal spiritual growth and in spiritual direction. She has trained in Ignatian Spirituality, having both taken and supervised the 19th Annotation. In Willesden first, then in Carlisle and in Chester dioceses, she has been an initiator of courses to train others in spiritual direction. She is a member of the Spirituality Advisory Group in Chester diocese.


Molly and Graham have four children and seven grandchildren. Their daughter, Lindsay, is married to the Bishop of Chester, Mark Tanner.

                                                   Books by Molly Dow

                         Mountains and Molehills Triangle SPCK 1997 102 pages

                  From the Foreword by

Dr. David Hope, former Archbishop of York

Molly Dow raises questions about God, life and oneself. What is so refreshing is the way she brings so much of her personal journey- a journey both of knowing and unknowing, of faith and doubt, of questing and seeking into the reflections and advice she shares with us. She never ducks the difficulties; she allows her own experiences, as well as that of others, to draw us more closely and deeply into her own story 

                                          Booklets for Group Study

These booklets are made available by Graham and Molly Dow and are useful for groups studying prayer. They are reproduced inexpensively and are readily available.

To obtain them go to Home- Contact Me


Pathways of Prayer

This simple course in 5 sessions was compiled in 1995 by Molly Dow, with others, for use in the Willesden Area of London diocese.  The chapters are: Getting Started; Praying Through Words; Praying Through Scripture; Praying Through Silence; Praying Through Life.  In addition there are brief leader’s notes, and a script for an imaginative contemplation meditation.


The success of this course led on to a publisher requesting the writing of a book with the same title and chapter headings, (see Books by Graham Dow). It is a good accompanying book for those doing the study course.

Avenues of Prayer

Following the success of Pathways of Prayer, this second course was prepared by the same trio. Its 5 chapters are: Giving Thanks and Praise; Confession; Intercession; Times of Dryness; Meditation & Contemplation. It has 5 appendices including leader’s notes and guides for imaginative contemplation.

Working Lives - A Five Week Course on Faith and Work

by Molly Dow and others

This booklet is for group study about daily work. The chapter headings indicate  the scope of the course: Why Work? Me and My Work; Occupational Hazards; Forces at Work; Being Fully Human. Each session includes some input, some sharing of experiences and some time to pray in different ways. Group leaders are encouraged to adapt the material to suit the group.


Further useful material on this subject: A Christian Understanding of Daily Work. See Books 


Romiley Sermons


1  The Greatness of God                                                     23 mins.         02.08.15                                 

Click here to download or listen to the sermon


2 Condemnation or Compassion John 8.1-11                  20 mins.          26.11.17

Click here to download or listen to the sermon


3  Confession                                                                     26 mins.         18.02.18                                                         

Click here to download or listen to the sermon

4  Jesus’ Prayer in Gethsemane                                        24 mins.         16.09.18 


Click here to download or listen to the sermon


5  Looking at Life and Death                                            28 mins.         21.10.18 


Click here to download or listen to the sermon

6  God the Father                                                             21 mins.         17.03.19                                                  

 (first in the series on The Creeds)

Click here to download or listen to the sermon

7  Koinonia –Kindness and Compassionate                   28 mins           25.08.19


Click here to download or listen to the sermon

                                     Addresses by Molly Dow

1 DVD What does the cross mean to you?  St. Margaret's Frizinghall, Bradford  36 mins. 02.04.21

Four meditations on the cross  on Good Friday.

These searching meditations invite us to consider what the crucifixion of Jesus meant to Judas Iscariot, Pontius Pilate, Simon Peter, and ourselves.

Click here to listen to the meditations.

2b Praying in the Contemplative Way                        61 mins   


This is an alternative second address during the day conferences Praying for Revival. The title of the Carlisle diocese project from 2002-2009 was ‘From Survival to Revival’. The addresses were accompanied by opportunities to pray. This course is also available in a set of 3 CDs see Resources

Click here to download or listen to the address


                                    Sermons by Molly Dow

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