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,         Photos of Bishop Graham Dow

Photos of Graham and Molly Dow

                     Photos taken in Angola in 2014

When the Church split in 1975, the leader of the pro-Anglican part was Alexandre Domingos. The Anglican part was discovered in the 1980s; Bishop Dinis Sengulane, from Lebombo, Mozambique, made Domingos an Archdeacon in the Lebombo diocese. Angola became a diocese in its own right in 2002.

This is the site in Uige province where Archibald Patterson founded the North Angola Mission in 1925. The carpentry workshop and school buildings were destroyed in the civil war 1975-1992. Patterson's house, (below) is now a centre for refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The location is under the custody of IERA, the Reformed branch of the 2 churches which have grown out of the North Angola Mission

                               The original church on the site is being restored

Below a lay evangelist licensed by Patterson whose photo he is holding. Also one of the churches built by Patterson which has survived both the war of independence and the civil war. When the war of independence began in 1960 and Patterson had to leave, his churches numbered 30,000 people.

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