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Books by Graham Dow

Where these books are out of print, they may be obtainable  from the author. See Home -Contact Me, or submit a request using the form in Resources- CDs Available

Leading Rural Churches for Growth- Challenges and Strategies   Grove Books   L19   2015,         28 pages


The author’s experience in a highly rural diocese is focused in serious challenges for church leaders if rural churches are to survive and grow. The chapter headings are: The Importance of Pastoral Care; Drawing the Whole Community Towards the Kingdom of God; The Making of Disciples in a Rural Community; The Biblical Model of Worship in the Small Church; Laying Strong Foundations of Prayer.


When He Comes    Graham & Molly Dow   CWR    2010, 

 81 pages

Intended for group or personal use there is one study for each day December 1st to 31st. They are grouped into five chapters, one for each week. The book starts with God’s plan to bless the nations. Next there are seven passages from the Book of Revelation about God destroying evil and creating the heavenly city on earth. ‘Come, Lord Jesus’, is the cry. Then follows Jesus’ teaching on how to be ready for his coming. Finally it switches to the birth of Jesus and the first Advent.

Explaining Deliverance Sovereign World, second edition (expanded) 2003,    63 pages

 original edition    1991,  52 pages


The sub-title is Sharing Experience in the Ministry of Deliverance. With a Foreword by Bishop Simon Barrington-Ward, this book covers Deliverance Ministry in the New Testament; Our Understanding Today; Clues to Recognising the Presence of Evil Spirits; Driving Out the Spirits; After Deliverance; and Causes for Concern About This Ministry.

Explaining Deliverance was originally published by Grove as Those Tiresome Intruders, P41, 1990.

Pathways of Prayer  DLT 1996,   114 pages


This book is intended both for personal use and as group study course. It began as a study course in the Willesden area of London (see Booklets for Group Study below). Its five themes have been reshaped around an interview with a well-known Christian leader. Its themes: Getting Started, with Cardinal Basil Hume; Praying Through Words, with Grace Sheppard; Praying Through Scripture, with Donald English; Praying Through Silence, with Gerard Hughes; and Praying Through Life, with Angela Tilby. It has many helpful things to say about the pathways of prayer.

A Christian Understanding of Daily Work Grove Books P57 1994, 2000 24 pages


The opening words say it all, ’in the minds of most Christians in our churches there is a deep cleavage between the purposes of God and the world of secular reality’.  So much part of our daily lives, the author wants to put daily work into the forefront of Christian discipleship. The book examines What God is Making Human Beings to Be. Further chapters highlight The Purpose of Work: Creative Management of God’s World; Moral Management for the Good of All; a Community of Good Relationships. The final chapter is Addressing These Issues in the Parish. The book includes a template of study questions for thinking through God’s purpose in my particular daily occupation.

Christian Renewal in Europe  Grove Books P52   1992,  25 pages


This booklet was written following a sabbatical period of nine weeks in France and Germany, in 1991, visiting churches and communities that are into Holy Spirit Renewal. The greatest value in the booklet now lies with the theological arguments for a strong commitment to Europe. The lessons drawn for the Church in England from the communities and churches described are just as valid today; the French, in particular, have much to teach us about the value of Christians living in community.

The Local Church’s Political Responsibility Grove Books P2 1980, second edition 1996, 28 pages


Christian involvement in politics is not wrong, indeed it is very biblical for believers to be immersed in the government of our society. The chapter headings are Doctrinal Grounds for Political Action; A Variety of Strategies; One Local Church Takes Political Action; A Basis for Action: six Steps. The appendix is A Summary of Criteria for Appropriate Political Action.


From Awareness to Action is a Think-Through Leaflet for group use with The Local Church’s Political Responsibility. It is designed to help churches and church members come to grips with the political issues in their locality. 4 pages.

The Case for the Existence of Demons Churchman vol 94, No. 3, 1980  Republished by Graham Dow 1989 10 pages


This short study presents the case for the existence of the demonic realm in the traditional understanding of personal spirit-beings or demons. These evil spirits seek to destroy God’s children; they act as agents of the supremely evil one, also known from biblical theology as the devil or Satan.

Earlier publications

Dark Satanic Mills Shaftesbury Project Publications 1979; republished by Graham Dow at Holy Trinity Church Coventry 1989 24 pages. Originally given as a lecture over 30 years ago, this paper is a stimulus to theological thinking about the world of industry.


Holy Trinity Papers  published by Graham Dow in 1987, 47 pages. This booklet contains 7 articles which are listed separately under Articles Reference.

                       Booklets for Group Study by Molly Dow and Others


These booklets are made available by Graham and Molly Dow and are useful for groups studying prayer. They are reproduced inexpensively and are readily available. To obtain them go to Home-Contact Me


Pathways of Prayer

This simple course in 5 sessions was compiled in 1995 by Molly Dow, with others, for use in the Willesden Area of London diocese.  The chapters are: Getting Started; Praying Through Words; Praying Through Scripture; Praying Through Silence; Praying Through Life.  In addition there are brief leader’s notes, and a script for an imaginative contemplation meditation.


The success of this course led on to a publisher requesting the writing of a book with the same title and chapter headings, (see above). It is a good accompanying book for those doing the study course.


Avenues of Prayer

Following the success of Pathways of Prayer, this second course was prepared by the same trio. Its 5 chapters are: Giving Thanks and Praise; Confession; Intercession; Times of Dryness; Meditation & Contemplation. It has 5 appendices including leader’s notes and guides for imaginative contemplation.

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